Yang Style TaiChi Dao(杨氏太极刀)
Blade length: 71cm
Steel: Folded Steel
Hilt length: 22cm
Polish grade: Hand mirror polished
Fittings: Brass
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Yang style Taichi Chuan is a kind of Chinese martial arts,in the early 19th century,Yang family created Yang style Taiji Quan,they also developed their own style sword.We forged this sword blade as hari-zukuri(plane shape), blade forged and folded use 1095 high carbon steel ,differential hardened hamon very attractive. Full tang construction make this sword are function and strong, so it is not only for normally taichi sword, this is real sword. blade edge extremely sharp after full hand sharpened.We also offer plain fittings for this sword for price cheaper. 

  • Hand engraved brass fittings.
  • Hand forged-folded steel blade
  • Differential hardened process.
  • Full tang constructions
  • Ready for real use
  • Rosewood scabbard,nature color
  • Black cotton cord 
  • 71cm blade,24.5cm handle,sword weight about 110g without scabbard, balance point 14cm  
  • Customize order available


Blade Length:  71cm(28") Hanle length: 24.5cm(9.5") exclude pomel 
Blade steel:  folded tell  with differential hardened   Fittings: hand engrave brass fitting 
Blade construction:  Mono  Weight:1100g without scabbard
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish Wood: RoseWood
Hamon:  Wave Blade width:3.2cm

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